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Fleur de Ville 2023: Creating the Perfect Mannequin for Courtney Act and Mon Scahfter

Updated: Apr 24

Fleurs de Ville this year in honour of #sydneyworldpride2023 Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney inside the Calyx.

We were thrilled to have participated in Fleur de Ville 2023 and are excited to share our experience with you! The theme for the event was pride, and we were proud to have been a part of it.

Our task was to create the perfect mannequin for the fabulous Courtney Act and Mon Scahfter. We knew that we wanted to create something unique and special, something that would showcase our passion for floral design and reflect the pride we have in our work.

We started by gathering inspiration from the vibrant LGBTQ+ community, and from there, we let our creativity run wild. We wanted to create something that was both beautiful and meaningful, so we decided to incorporate the colours of the rainbow into our design.

We sourced the best quality blooms in every colour of the rainbow, carefully selecting each one for its vibrancy and beauty. We then set to work creating a stunning floral outfit that captured the spirit of pride and celebrated the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

As we worked on the mannequin, we felt a sense of pride and joy that comes with creating something beautiful and meaningful. It was an incredible feeling to see our vision come to life, and we were thrilled with the final result.

Working on this project reminded us why we love what we do - it's all about spreading joy, beauty, and pride through our floral designs. We were honoured to have been a part of Fleur de Ville 2023, and we were thrilled to have seen our mannequin on display for all to see. We hope that our creation inspired you to embrace your own creativity and pride in whatever you do. Whether it's through floral design, art, music, or any other medium, let your passion shine through and share it with the world!


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